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Your brain on stress-the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

buy topamax generic poster englaisStress is present everyday in our life. It is at the center of our discussions or in our new year resolutions. Kids starting school, students before an exam, employees wanting to be more efficient or anyone changing environment feels it; no one can escape stress! Even if moderate stress can have beneficial effects; stimulate our memory or our efficiency on short time period, chronic stress can lead to post-traumatic syndrome, depression or even physical disorders. We all have our opinion about stress and how to manage it or decreasing it in our everyday life. So let’s talk about it during our next scientific café !

buy doxycycline online usa During our second scientific café, Drs. Brunet, Zacchia and Miller will come and discuss about stress and its effects. Dr. A. Brunet is assistant professor in the Psychiatry at McGill University and will discuss about post-traumatic stress syndrome. Dr. Zacchia is a psychologist at the Douglas hospital and will discuss stress disorders. Finally, Dr. Miller is professor in psychology at Concordia University and will discuss stress as risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Our second scientific café will be held at the Omni hotel on May 22 at 7pm. Come see us and talk about stress !