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Brain Awareness Week 2016 
go to link source site  March 7th to 18th

Our team of Brain Awareness Week volunteers are a crucial part of our biggest event of the year, helping us reach out to nearly 200 schools across Montreal. Presentations are given in English and French, in both primary and secondary schools. Elementary school presentations will center on the senses and high school presentations will focus on the neurological effects of drugs, and both include a demonstration of a real cow brain. Volunteers are matched with schools depending on the language and level at which they would like to present, and they can choose to present on their own or with a partner. Our volunteers will be required to attend a training session, in order to review the presentation and receive their materials and BAM apparel.

Time requirements: Each presentation lasts about an hour, and volunteers can give as many or as few as they would like, within the availabilities given when signing-up. For each scheduled presentation, volunteers must arrange transport to and from their assigned school(s), as well as pick up and drop off their presentation materials.

prednisone x prednisolone 5mg Volunteer sign-up for Brain Awareness Week 2017 will begin here in January 2017.